Rockaway Call for Ideas

New York City 2013

Credits: Michael Sorkin,
Makoto Okazaki,
Ying Liu, Jie Gu

Michael Parkinson / Terreform

Music: "28 Feet Above", Frank Giordano
Music Co-ordination: Trudy Giordano


The distinctive feature of this proposal is that the levee we propose is habitable. Not simply does it allow the protection – and selective replacement – of buildings otherwise at risk, it actually increases the stock of waterfront residences and commercial spaces and improves public transit connections to the rest of the city. The project also achieves self-sufficiency in water harvesting and sewage treatment and generates fully half of the energy it requires. Although any such system would require the collaboration of many architects and a variety of expressions harmonized with local conditions, the portion we have illustrated is designed for modular construction and proposes that factory-built components be delivered from the sea side.

Finally, we have calculated that such a project might be fully self-financing. By topping the apparatus of flood protection with what would surely be highly desirable places to live, an income stream could be generated that would cover all costs. More, the extent of the project would allow strategies of mixing that could help redress high levels of residential segregation in the affected areas.